What is the warranty on leather products? You know, cases, wallets, straps, etc?

General Leather Warranty

All Nomad leather products are covered under a 2-year limited warranty, which starts on the date of purchase. This limited warranty covers any manufacturing or workmanship defects that might occur with your case, strap, or wallet. This limited warranty does not cover changes in the leather, such as scratches, scuffs, or discoloration, that may have resulted from normal wear and tear, misuse/abuse, or modification of the product.

Please note that while we have designed all of our cases to offer some protection to the device, Nomad does not guarantee protection in the instance of a drop. Nomad is not liable for any damage to your case and/or device in the case of a drop or misuse of the item. Any damage resulting from removal/re-installation of a strap will not be considered for return or replacement. We also have step by step instructions if you need help removing either your phone case or your AirPods case.

We currently use two different types of leather, Horween (Rugged) and Heinen (Active Rugged) leather. Characteristics of both Horween and Heinen leathers as well as warranty and defect information relevant to each are outlined below.


The Horween leather that we use is completely genuine and minimally treated. The color of the leather is not obtained through chemical treatment, but rather a natural vegetable tanning process, which imparts the aroma, texture, and visible quality that you want in genuine leather without any of the bad stuff.

Because Horween leather is so minimally treated, it age and be altared by contact with the elements as intended. The leather will scratch, scuff, and change color, otherwise known as 'patina'. We consider changes in the color and texture inherent to the elegance of the leather. These scratches and signs of wear are normal and completely intended. With continued use these scratches will buff out and the leather will become less susceptible to wear as your case develops that coveted one of a kind patina. After several months of daily use of your case, you will notice a complete evolution in the texture and ruggedness of the leather.


Our Active leather is sourced from Heinen, located in Germany. While other "water-proof" leather is sprayed with a water-resistant coating that wears off over time, Heinen leather is thourouly infused with natural lipids that should never wear out. Heinen's special natural tanning process makes this leather extremely water-resistant and durable, perfect for athletic and outdoor applications.

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