Which cable is right for me?

Have an iPhone or other Apple devices? 

Lightning Cable is your best minimalist yet durable, long lasting option.

Battery Cable will give you power on the go. 

Have several different devices to keep charged? 

Universal Cable will charge all your Lighting, Micro USB, and USB-C devices with just one cable.

Looking for a fast charging option or a cable for your Macbook? 

60W USB-C Cable uses USB Power Delivery profile 4, which supports 5V @ 2A, 12V, 20V @ 3A (60W Total output) for a fast charging experience.

100W USB-C Cable will charge your type C Macbook OR Macbook Pro using USB Power Delivery profile 5, which supports 5V @ 2A, 12V, 20V @ 5A (100W Total output)

Universal USB-C Cable will charge any USB-C or Micro USB device using 20AWG fast charging through USB-C or USB 2.0 charging through legacy USB-A

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